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Decking and Paving Specialist


1.       The customer agrees to purchase and have installed and the Company agrees to supply and install.

2.       The customer hereby acknowledges and agrees:

a.      that he has carefully read and understands this Agreement.

b.      that he has received a true copy of this Agreement.

3.       It is acknowledged that this Agreement constitutes a legally binding Agreement between the customer and the Company.


  1. All goods remain the property of the Company until paid in full.

  1. In the event of cancellation the Company reserves the right to charge for any costs it has incurred prior to cancellation as detailed below.

    1. within 7 days of booking  (unless booking date and date of commencement are within 7 days of each other). –  no charge.

    2. within 3 weeks of booking. (unless 3 week date and date of commencement are within 7 days of each other) – 10% of total contract value.

    3. after 3 weeks from date of booking and before 7 days prior to commencement of work – 20% of total contract value.

    4. within 7 days of commencement of work – 50% of total contract value.

  1. A deposit of 30% of the total amount of Contract is required at the time of booking. The final balance of the Contract will be due within 7 days of the final invoice. The customer will pay interest at 8% per annum above Natwest Bank base lending rate (or any rate substituted therefore by Natwest Bank) for the time being upon all sums overdue from the customer to the Company until date of payment.

  1. The customer will give all reasonable access to the premises to the Company and workmen in order that the Company may complete the work.

  1. The removal of all garden furniture, play equipment, animal excrement, rabbit hutches, dog kennels, sheds, debris or other animal housing, required in order to commence the work is the responsibility of the customer unless written into this contract and needs to be removed prior to date of work commencement.


  1. The company will not be held responsible for any unforeseen defects which may arise in the ground, which may require rectification before work is carried out.  Any defects will be pointed out to the customer along with any further quotes to rectify and continue work.  Written instructions will be required from the customer before work proceeds.

  1. It is customer’s responsibility to ensure Local Authority has approved any relevant planning consent for decked areas.

  1. Decking is a natural product and therefore shrinkage may occur. Colour of decking will darken over time.

  1. Natural Stone Paving can vary considerably in colour and size from one stone to another.

  1. Any electrical features installed need to be powered by an outdoor electric supply. It is customer’s responsibility to have outdoor socket installed by a qualified electrician if not already present.


  1. All work and materials supplied by Lorraine Anne Phillips guaranteed for 12 months from date of final invoice, with the exception of normal wear and tear, acts of God or damage by animals.

  1. The company reserve the right to alter the commencement date of work although every effort will be made to adhere to booking date.   

  1. Any designs provided by the Company remains the property of the Company until paid in full.  Designs remain copyright of the Company.  Price of a design is £395 paid in advance. Price of design will not be refunded if work cancelled.

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