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Garden decking is a great method of creating an attractive new sitting area anywhere in the garden and one of the easiest ways of transforming an existing garden or revamping an old patio. Decks are extremely flexible structures that can be located to suit you, your family and the property you live in


Hardwood decks are more expensive, this usually tends to focus people's idea's of which deck to have. A softwood deck costing £2,500 would cost £3,500 in Iroko £6,000 in Oak and £10,000 in Teak. They all give you the same space but obviously they feel different, but for the extra money they need to.

Hardwood decking: Hardwood decks tend to have rich and luxurious finish to them.  Many modern or contemporary style gardens employ hardwood decks with smooth boards to provide a minimalist finish.
Softwood decking: Softwood decks come from evergreen trees and are pressure treated to keep maintenance to a minimum.  Softwood decks are very popular and provide a clean and fresh finish. This is the most popular choice and can be constructed in almost any shape.
Composite decks: A relatively recent addition to the options for garden decking are composite products typically constructed from softwood and polyethylene but with the appearence of timber. Such decks tend to offer good slip resistance and low maintenance needs, they also can be 'moulded' into a fabulous range of forms.
Bespoke decks: We can construct bespoke decks from unusual sources such as sleepers or scaffolding boards. Incredible finishes can be be achieved creating a beautifully unique garden.
Decking is a wonderful material to utilise in a garden easily allowing for changes in level and providing the ideal entertaining area. Lorraine Anne Phillips are decking specialists able to install a customised deck to suit your specific needs.




Composite decking boards bring you all the benefits of wood while letting you enjoy the unique properties of PVC at the same time. By combining wood and PVC into a single new base material, Composite decking boards will transform both the appearance and performance of your garden.
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